TPS #3 The Overtone Group, curated by Tim Davis

The rumors have never been confirmed. But l’Unione Sarda reported seeing a flash of light on the afternoon of Friday, 17 September over central Sardegna. A shepherd near Mamoiada  said, “It looked like the type of flash photographers use, the kind they use in school.” A fisherman at Lago di Gusana ran to the hotel from the shore screaming, “they are coming, they are coming!”.

No one ever saw these shadowy figures who landed in our beautiful countryside, but they did not leave without a trace. This archive of their observations was found on a thumb drive under a fico d’ India cactus on the road out of Orani. As you can see, these aliens had a strange vision of our land. They did not seem to understand the place.

They misread many things, seeing the place and its people with a kind of alien empathy, but fundamentally not knowing what things really mean. They seemed to feel more comfortable working at night. Perhaps they were afraid of our hunters, or the many, many mountain bikers on our hills. Esteemed UFOlogist from Universita di Cagliari, visiting from Roswell, New Mexico, Johnny Zimbabwe, was brought to the scene, and made the following observations:

The archive is fundamentally flawed. These anthropologists from another world saw our countryside, our villages, our people, with care and concern, but fundamentally ignorantly. However, they brought with them a tool, very much like our digital cameras, which made scientific records of the place, but more like our medieval alchemists than current practitioners. 

They even signed their bizarre observations with names.

francescamacis@?{}++ was the most homesick of the group. This alien saw not our world, Sardegna in 2021, but remnants and visions of his or her own planet. He or she managed to make images of some of the other aliens, in somewhat human form. The apparently are made of pure light, without any depth. Perhaps they come from a two dimensional world. Looking at these images, we believe that their vision might be limited to strong shadows and light, perhaps their eyes have not so many color receptors. They are also fundamentally childlike, capturing things centrally, with confidence and certainty but with a strong feeling of narrative imagination. francescamacis@?{}++ might have been the keeper of an ancestral alien record. 

<<<<nicolamorittu>>>> was clearly the comedian of the group. This is, in fact, the first observation of alien humor ever found. There are two theories as to why this traveller from the stars poked, prodded, and hybridized the objects and things of our world. One is that it was clearly intended to entertain his fellow aliens, to keep them going in a bleak and terrifying foreign place. The other is that the images represent this traveler’s own inner complexity, a kind of pleasure/pain that makes perfect sense so far from home. <<<nicolamorittu>>>> is a jester, and like any good entertainer, delivers suffering with every laugh.

&&&ariannasanesi was somehow the most scientific and most romantic of the group. This artist discovered a local custom, s’istrumpa, and secretly observed the practice, with either a very long lens, or perhaps the ability to turn invisible. We believe that &&&ariannasanesi saw this form of wrestling as the sexual reproduction of our species, and then began to find echoes of the practice everywhere in nature. Indeed, we believe that somewhere, on another planet, aliens are learning s’istrumpa right now, for pleasure or something more sinister, we do not know.

))))((((niccolovonci may have been the sensitive poet of the group. This alien was clearly an artist, finding unexpected and evocative positions to observe our things and places. It is believed that ))))((((niccolovonci may have been a bit of a dreamer, sent to gather impressions, rather than facts, to sing with complexity rather than certainty. Perhaps these aliens need complexity. Perhaps they are loose-limbed and flexible, and can not stand to live in world filled with definite truths. 

^>sararinaldi is believed to be the psychologist of the group, devoted to direct observation of the emotional states of our people. we have no way of knowing if ^>sararinaldi understood what he or she was seeing, but we can feel the effort to look into our hearts. ^>sararinaldi was particularly interested in the energy and psychology of children, observing one member of our species in a state of ecstasy and joy. But they were also searching for something, perhaps intimacy, without being able to reach across the infinite gulf between species, between worlds, lending their images a feeling of sadness and loss. 

Professor Zimbabwe has named the aliens Gruppo Sopratono, since the images they produced seem to resonate together, making a strange musical heartbeat, a rhythm and a feeling rather than a simple song.

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